We aim to become the “only one.”
Fuji Industries Corporation always strives to improve quality, reduce cost and provide quality products when
customers need them. This is our motto to satisfy the expectations of customers.
Our Products
< Rubber products > Injector O-rings,
various O-rings, various Lip Seals,
Packings, Gaskets, Rubber Covers,
Tubes, Waterproof Rubber Rings, etc.
< Application in Automotive Industry >
Injector, Actuator, Carburetor, DC Dynamo,
Electric power steering, Fuel Pump,
Transmission, etc.

“Producing better products, much better products”
Quality improvement – This is Fuji Industries Corporate mission.

In addition to ISO9001 Certification, in 2002 Fuji Industry Corporation acquired QS9000 certification which was developed upon the request from the Big Three automakers (GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler) and has been the de facto global standard for automotive industry. Our systems for development, sales and product quality certainly satisfy the standard of various automakers in the world.